Trend Lounge Restaurant

Trend Lounge Restaurant is a modern and exclusive spot in Skopje. Trend’s kitchen is inspired by the Mediterranean style of cooking, which means we use only the finest of oils and ingredients to prepare our traditional dishes which are meant to reflect the modern lifestyle of our guests.

Our evenings are filled with quality wine and live music that leaves all our guests in an awe. The restaurant consists of two parts; an airconditioned indoors restaurant and a terrace with a view of the city square.

Our extended menu includes delicious foods, colorful cocktails, a large selection of delicious wines and quality coffee. Trend Lounge Bar is also suitable for your unforgettable birthday and graduation parties, as well as various business events.

Bistro London

Bistro London represents the essence of modern day Skopje. It offers a unique experience, not only because of the wonderful view of Skopje’s city square but also because of the wonderful restaurant that is always illuminated by daylight.

London Bistro is the place where all bohemians start and end their day. It’s a place where you experience the moment with all your senses. It’s a place where new memories are made and where you keep coming back.

Here in Bistro London, we believe that diversity of tastes and culture is the perfect blend for creating a unique, traditional, and modern restaurant, thus it remains as one of the last few locations that capture the good old of charm of Skopje.

Trend Food Bar

In 2012, we opened Trend Food Bar. The idea was to expand on our food menu by offering lots of diverse foods and drinks that appeal to all our guests. So, whether you are into burgers or you are a vegetarian, or maybe into exotic cocktails or delicious chocolate desserts, Trend Food Bar is the place to be.

Trend Gastro Bar

Replacing the old McDonald’s drive-through restaurant in the municipality of Aerodrom, Trend Gastro Bar became a landmark for food ever since Its opening in 2016.

The name speaks for itself. Trend Gasto Bar aimed and succeeded in redefining café culture in Macedonia by offering quality coffees and a carefully selected menu of food. The new location reflects the design of some of the best bars in the world. However, despite the modern design, Trend Gastro Bar is still renowned for its freshly cooked food, our famous pizza and our unique ingredients

Trend Party Room

Trend Party Room is the perfect place for your kid’s party. The capacity for adults is 100 guests and the capacity for kids is 40. Trend Party Room is part of Trend Centar, but is a place of Its own and consists of kid’s playground and discotheque. The playground is meant for kids aged 1-8 and has many modern and suitable toys.

Trend Party Room is great for birthdays, proms, new year parties and even weddings.

Trend Party Room – Aerodrom

A year later, the second Party Room was opened, this time as part of Trend Gastro Bar. Quickly, it became the favorite place of local kids enjoying the endless number of toys, at their disposal. As for the parents, they can enjoy the wonderful freshly brewed coffee of Trend Gastro Bar or, maybe, some of our delicious dishes.

Much like the first Party Room, Trend Party Room – Aerodrom is a perfect place for birthdays, proms, private events and New Year parties.

London B&B

Our Bread & Breakfast is only one step away from the city square, as well as from all of Skopje’s attractions. In just under five minutes, you will find yourself at Mother Theresa’s famous house, the Old Skopje Bazar, the City Mall or the City Museums. And after any long day, London B&B offers comfortable rooms equipped with all the necessities.

Kafana Shpajz

Located in heart of Debar Maalo, Shpajz is a unique traditional restaurant that goves you the best that Skopje has to offer.
At the beginning of the famous Bohemian Street it the first restaurant you see and the only place you will ever want to visit.

Организирање на настани и свечености

TREND LОUNGE RESTAURANT – плоштад Македонија LONDON BISTRO – плоштад Македонија TREND FOOD BAR – Skopje City Mall TELEKOM TREND LOUNGE BAR – Кеј 13 Ноември

Во прекрасната и опуштена атмосфера на нашите елитни ресторани, организираме секаков тип на настани и свечености, создавајќи моменти за паметење, проследени со богато мени од интернационална кујна и врвна услуга. Автентичноста, урбаноста и добро препознатливата локација создава симбиоза, единствено препознатлива за нашите ресторани. Совршено кафе, вкусен појадок, салати во изобилство, пици, пасти и сосови, десерти и богата гама на квалитетни вина од најпознатите светски региони – сето ова е само дел од она што може да допре дури и до најпребирливите, до оние кои знаат што е најдобро.