To maintain our position as leaders in the hospitality industry, we decided to offer something completely new on the Macedonian market – TREND Catering.

Catering in TREND is a serious project that meets all the criteria of a healthy and quality prepared food. That’s why TREND, by merging tradition, fast lifestyle and, of course, long-standing quality, introduced TREND Catering and introduced something new through our well-known recipes from our unique cuisine.

We know that as a name and as s brand, we would never be in the leaders in our industry if we do not take care of all the needs and desires of our customers, and thus, in our specialized and modern kitchen we prepare gluten free, lean, and vegetarian foods, which we can design to your liking. The most important thing is that the products we offer are produced in strictly controlled conditions using the HACCP system, and the quality of the products we use is continuously monitored by highly qualified technologists.

We deliver food via specialized vehicles used solely for this purpose. All vehicles are equipped with Thermo King, so that the delivered food will have the appropriate temperature.

In addition to the preparation and delivery of food as well as the service of our chef and staff, you can organize your private celebrations in one of our facilities in Skopje.

Visit us and find out why we are the best choice for your all your needs!

Phone numbers for orders: 072 216 228; 078 201 823